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    A Stock insurance is insurance that covers your stock in the event that it is stolen, damaged or destroyed, by paying out the money to replace it. The cost of the policy varies depending on the value and quantity of the stock insured and the insurance payment is based on the stock price of the item, not the retail price.

    Your stock insurance will cover the cost price of your stock. If your stock is damaged, destroyed or stolen, you’ll get the funds to buy new stock based on the cost price of the old stock and not the Retail Price of your stock.

    In case if you’re storing stock on your business premises, it’s just as vulnerable to theft and damage as your tools and machinery, losing these would cause serious damage to your inventory and business, to ensure the safety and continuity of the business the stock insurance comes into picture, this option will help set your mind at rest with peace of mind, freeing you up to get on with the business with free mind and fear. Use our simple form to build an insurance policy that includes this cover option.

    It’s very important to make sure you understand what you need from your stock insurance policy. Use the below check points to ensure you have a correct stock policy.

    Stock may need to be stored in a certain way to be covered under your policy – check your documents for the criteria

    • Keep your insurer informed if your stock level grows in value or quantity.
    • Check the documents before you buy for exclusions and excesses.