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    We understand that real estate is an integral and often large component of most portfolios in our part of the world. We also understand that the market is dynamic, fragmented and difficult to negotiate, that’s where Anant Finvest comes in picture.

    Our approach to guiding you with your real estate needs is no different to that of any other service. We begin by understanding your purpose, objectives and priorities, alongside your overall family and corporate circumstances, and the nature of your estate. With that we determine your goals and help you set out your solutions. Finally, the implementation of solutions and structures is facilitated through a carefully identified set of partners, each of them experts in their respective disciplines.

    For clients looking for instruments representing securitized real estate exposure, our specialists are well placed to identify structured investment opportunities to earn yield based income from debt securities, or to participate in the capital appreciation potential of projects through equity based structures. Our network of partnerships with asset management and asset transaction firms places us in the path of good opportunities on a regular basis. Consistent with our general approach, the key to success remains our understanding of your needs and our ability to match that to the right opportunity.