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    Motor Insurance is a Insurance coverage bought for vehicles, like Bikes, Cars, Trucks and any vehicle that ply on the roads. Under the RTO rules & regulations, it is a mandate for all the vehicle owners to get their Vehicle insured. The main objective is to give complete protection against physical damage or loss from natural calamities and accidents.

    Following are the types of Motors Insurance

    Car Insurance, Two Wheeler Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Third Party Insurance Policy, Comprehensive Insurance Cover & Liability only Policy.

    More than few lakh people die in Road Accident in India with equal number of vehicle damage and destroyed, India had recorded highest number of Road accident in the year 2012. Given the poor conditions of Roads and infrastructure, it is imperative to have a Insurance Coverage, it gives Financial protection to only to you but also covers third party damages. A few private Insurers offer large number of benefits to policy holders, below are the same.

    Depreciation Cover, Engine Protection Cover, Towing Facility, 24×7 Road Side assistance & Direct Settlement.

    To claim the coverage a person would need to provide the below documents depending on the policy and the nature of the loss.

    In case of damage to own Car

    Claim forms, Driving License, Registration Certificate Book, Fitness Certificate (Commercial Vehicle), Policy Report & Final Bill for Repairs.

    Third Part Claims

    Claims Forms, Driving License, Policy Report, Medical Certificate, Death Certificate in case of death in fatal accident.